When it comes to newsletters, looks matter. A well-designed, well-written newsletter reinforces your organization’s value in the mind of the reader. A homemade-looking newsletter can undermine your organization’s credibility, even if it is full of useful information.

Ztwelve will work with you to create a powerful newsletter that helps you achieve your end goals, whether you are recruiting, soliciting donations, retaining membership or building a larger customer base.

Our newsletter design services include: Start-up, redesign, graphic design, photography, writing, editing, project management, content management, print management, mailing services and conversion to an online format.

The Guardian Women’s Humane Society

  • Full publication redesign/rebranding, print management, mailing management
  • Communicator Award: Print Collateral/Fundraising Newsletter

Pulse Drexel University College of Medicine

  • Full publication redesign, photography assignments
  • MarCom Award: Electronic/Print Newsletter

Senior Scope NewCourtland Senior Services

  • New start-up, graphic design, masthead/logo creation, print management, mailing management

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